Even Internet Marketers Who Use Black Hat SEO Will Not Sell Or Promote A Height Increase And Grow Taller E-Product

Me: As a continuation of the post I wrote before which showed how much an Internet Marketer makes selling E-Productes which promise height increase and to grow taller, I wanted to end the talk to show that even in internet boards and forums which use Black Hat SEO tricks and methods would not be willing to touch the height increase niche. This small niche that Tyler and me are in is one that is filled with scams, sales pages, and a web of backlinks and SEO to make people sign up for mailing lists, and buy 20 page E-Products.

This was a post I found from BlackHatWorld.Com, which is a board where Internet Marketers which purposely choose to use Black Hat SEO to increase in the google rankings. As you see not even these guys who intentionally are using dishonesty are not going to touch the height increase niche. Only two people replied back and they didn’t like what the guy was doing because they realized this product he was selling would have a high refund rate. The product is from this website GrowTallerFormula.Com which I don’t remember whether I ever reviewed or put on the scam section.


On a related note, there was another post I found from the google rankings which showed that on the WarriorForums.Com somebody wanted to sell the E-Book “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” because on the Clickbank Database this product has a VERY high “Gravity” number. The term gravity is used in the ClickBankf community to show how  “hot” is a product and how well it is sold. The higher the gravity value, the more likely people would want to be afiliate marketers and create new sales webpages to link to the product and sell it. I put a pick of a clipping of the screen which shows the gravity value of this product. The response from most of the repliers is that the product is a scam product which they didn’t want to promote since it only causes the IM community look bad. One man even got extremely angry against a poster who used to sell the product and sort of cussed him out for being so sleazy in his Internet Marketing practices.

The poster goes by MovingAround. This is his message (link source HERE)

People like you truly disgust me.

You take advantage of people who have low-self esteem and rip them off their money. You see, there’s a lot of money to be made out of people’s low self-esteem, even if the product you are promoting is complete rubbish.

The epiphyseal plates fully fuse by about age 18-21 and the last bone to grow is the collarbone which ends its growth at age 25. No amount of snake oil will make you grow taller, unless in that book you have found the miracle to making your DNA revert the fusing process and start adding osseous tissue again to the ends of the vertical bones. Not even injecting growth hormone after the epiphyseal plates fuse will lead to an increase in stature (it will, instead, thicken the bones and increase their density). Human growth hormone is the only proven method to increase stature in adolescents (even in those who are not deficient in this hormone) and works best with the use of an anabolic steroid. This therapy can only be monitored under strict supervision of a specialist in the medical field as it can have side effects (increased risk of cancer and development of Type II diabetes). 

This product you have promoted is utter bullshit. I dare you or whoever came up with that product to show me one reputable doctor (preferably an endocrinologist who graduated from a top medical school, thank you) who says that you can still grow after your epiphyseal plates are fused. Come on, show me one.

This product is what’s wrong with the IM niche. Utter fraudulent products making it through because there is no regulation. Of course, the product itself will play with words to make it sound like the initial claims stand up but that’s how these sort of products make money. It will also talk about hanging oneself from space boots and the likes which leads to temporary increases in stature as the vertebrae are decompressed (you can also do this by sleeping 8 hours!!).

I was casually browsing the forum and not even planning to log in but the epic fraud of this product made me want to post this. It actually pains me to see how people who are short in stature waste away their money because when you target people’s self-esteem, anything goes. You, as an IMer, have a responsibility to also check your product and see that you are not frauding, but hey, all hail the quick buck.


Me: From BlackHatWorld.com link, the post is below…

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Default New product in grow taller niche – Grow Taller Formula is Live!

Hey Blackhatters,

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2 thoughts on “Even Internet Marketers Who Use Black Hat SEO Will Not Sell Or Promote A Height Increase And Grow Taller E-Product

  1. Rafael A. Gonzalez

    It’s truly sad to see how people just rely on doctors for everything and don’t even try to put in some effort on their own part. Don’t get me wrong, doctors DO know what they are talking about since the field of medicine is quite complex. However, human growth is something so unpredictable that not even doctors seem to be able to decipher it. As is well known, females don’t stop growing until about 21 years of age (as opposed to 16-17 years) and for males until about 25 years (as opposed to 16-17 years) if they step up their game early enough and make lifestyle changes (that is, in their environment) which will promote all-around body growth, including vertical height. Nowadays, there is a myriad amount of resources available in libraries, blogs (e.g. height quest.com) and on the web. Of course, sources like height quest.com can be a bit of a strain to absorb given the scientific jargon. Out of respect to the author of the site, it’s a bit time consuming to know how each individual bone and organ in your body works and the solutions presented seem legit but are hard to implement since some people may not have access to the supplements the author recommends. Moreover, they may not even have the time to really understand what is being said.

    In the end, it’s up to the individual to take the next step in bettering themselves. That is one of the biggest things that the InstaHeight eBook has taught me so far. Sure, when people first read such eBook, the results may seem too good to be true, but only if one actually tries a program will there be true evidence about its validity.

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