How Much Does Internet Marketers Make From NaturalHeightIncrease.Com Selling A Grow Taller E-Product?

Me: I felt that I should take some time today to show the readers just how much money the internet marketers make online selling E-Products and E-Books on creating a few sales pages selling grow taller and height increase products.

This post was found after I typed in “Height Increase Niche” into Google and the result showed a discussion post which was on the, which is the #1 discussion board and forum on the internet for internet marketers to peddle their stuff and sell to people. (link HERE)

What is amazing was that this is from 2009, and from just 1 month of being uploaded, from April 29 to May 21, it had made $275. It gets about 30-40 unique visitors a day from back then selling the E-product “Grow Taller 4 Idiots”. By August 24, it had made $338. The poster goes by the name of Sasha from New Delhi, India. He was trying to sell his website and looking for a few hundred for it.

What is absolutely amazing is that this website NaturalHeightIncrease.Com selling the E-product has almost the exact same name as my website. I once had to compete against this website for traffic and it was beating me on “key words” and “key phrases“. Only recently have I been able to overcome the SEO tricks it was implementing to rank higher on Google by writing high levels of content.

Note: Everything below this message is what the poster put up on the Warrior Forums Board.

>>> Conduit Style Review Blog in Height Increase Niche; $100/month! <<<

Superb Blog in Height Increase Niche that made $424+$55 Since May 21!

Updated: At the time of the listing, the site had made $275 since May 21. After several sales, the total revenue from the website stands at $424 in a little over three months.

That’s more than $140/month.


A Few Statistics:

Domain Registered Since: 29 April 2009

On Page #1 of Google for Search Term: “Natural Height Increase“, and “Miracle Growth Arginine

Inlinks: 39 Inlinks from External Sites As Per Yahoo Search Explorer

See Screenshot

Daily Traffic – 30-40 Uniques (and Increasing!)

See Screenshot

Total Revenue: $275 since May – approximately $100/month!

Update: Total revenue as of 24 August is $338. Please see screenshots in posts below for confirmation.

I promote an ebook called Grow Taller 4 Idiots (Gt4Idiots) primarily.

See Screenshot

The Site:


Custom Artisteer design. Site has a stock photograph that was bought from Fotolia for $1 – you get it for free.

Promotion Techniques

I’ve been lazy on the promotion. I’ve basically submitted articles to some article directories (including EZine) completed a few of Angela’s backlinks, a few blog comments – nothing all out or full fledged that would take this site to its limits.

I’ve never paid for any traffic. Nor have I spent any money on promotion (bookmarking, etc.) All the traffic is free and organic, with a few type-ins thrown in.

You could increase the traffic manifold by doing a simple directory/social bookmarking campaign, or even by completing Angela’s backlink packets.


All the content is unique, hand written. There are 20+ pages on the site, including reviews of most popular products.

Why Am I Selling This

When I started building this website, I was new to the world of IM, to be very honest. I essentially experimented with this site: seeing what all worked, what didn’t.

Ever since, I’ve quadrupled my efforts at IM. That, and my existing domain business has kept me more than busy to devote enough attention to this site. I like to devote my time to even more lucrative niches, and to domaining, and hence, this site suffers.


Keeping in mind the custom theme, unique content, SERPs, traffic, and existing revenue, BIN for this website is:

$700 Only!

Please Start Your Bids from: $150

That’s for a website pulling in more than $100/month through completely legitimate, white hat traffic.

BIN: $700
Please Start Offers From: $150
Edit: Auction Goes on Until Aug 31, 2009. Highest Bidder gets it.
Current high bid: $350

I haven’t been a member of WF too long, and I certainly haven’t been very active here either. However, if anyone wants to verify my credentials as a seller, you can look me up at both and – the two top domain forums. I got by the same username there.

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