New Proposed Height Increase Method Using BMPs And Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment, ESWT

When I wrote a post last time where I created a proposed method to possibly increase height using BMP injections into the intervertebral disks in the back entitled “New Proposed Height Increase Method Using PEMF, BMP-7, BMP-6, And TGF-Beta3” my biggest issue was wondering how we could possibly get the BMP inside into the disks and get them to start the cell proliferation since the disks were surrounded by the annulus fibrosus.

My new proposed method has found a way to get around that difficulty by using this newly discovered method of Extracorporeal shockwave treatment  ESWT. Since the annulus fibrosus is made of the same type of material as the achilles tendon, which is collagenous fibers, the shockwaves can get the nucleus of the fibers to increase the expression of IGF-1 and TGF-Beta 1 while at the same time transmitting the BMP from the gauze to seep into the collagen  fibrils and reach the middle gelatinous area.

Overall this is one of the best ideas I have come up with so far since I can’t see any technical issues with this method. In my mind, this technique should work to create at least a height increase of at least 1 cm.

Of course the difficulty would be in finding where we can get the equipment to send around 3000 impulses of shockwave at intensity around 0.2 mJ/mm^2 at a 2-3 day interval blocks.

2 thoughts on “New Proposed Height Increase Method Using BMPs And Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment, ESWT

  1. Jimmy

    This looks great, would you say that it is the best height increase method you have found so far? One concern is that I am worried about is that sending shock waves to the spine might damage the internal organs that surround it. Any thoughts?

    1. admin

      It won’t damage the internal organs. The hard part is finding the equipment and the medium to try it out. Plus, this is only the first trial if it is tested. Other ideas might be added. My ideas and inventions will be refined as I become more knowledgeable. This method is a improved version of an older idea.


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