Why Do You Really Want To Grow Taller And Increase Your Height? What Is The Real Reason?

qmarkI have been telling you guys the readers a lot about my story, about my history, and my thoughts and reasons on why I am so obsessed with height and my desire to be taller. You have seen me expose my insecurities, anxieties, worries, and pain that I have felt and experienced in life.

I am living the type of life these days where I am completely honest to everyone I meet since I feel like so much of my life I have been hiding, lying, and trying to bullshit my way just to get by society and the need to play all these socially imposed rules I am forced to follow. The incredible anxiety filled need to always be keeping up a fake mask to hide my real self has been melted off to reveal who I am. I have been deceiving everyone for so long, but especially myself. Right now, there is no where else I’d rather be than to write this post and upload it for the readers who regularly come to the website and read the posts.

When I am completely honest, I feel free, I find that I am doing my best work ,and also that I am more successful in my businesses and financially. Life has been improving drastically.

As this will be one of the last posts of the year, I wanted to leave this post as a way for you the reader to finally (and hopefully) get a chance to tell me, and some of the other readers, your personal reason on why you are so intent on growing taller and increasing your height.

I know that I personally had to ask this question to myself AT LEAST 10 times “WHY?” until I could really get deep enough and to the real problem I was having the real pain I felt. It took me at least 2 hours of introspection, deep self analysis, and some walking meditation in the outdoors for me to really become honest about my faults, my insecurities, and fears about about being too short. I wrote very early on in a post entitled “Height Is The Last Frontier For Personal Development” that I felt that in terms of what the modern human can change about themselves, their height may be the last factor which they still can’t really change, without taking some really drastic action and expend a great number of resources. We can change nearly everything about ourselves these days, except for this last thing.

The thing is that I have already asked this question to the readers before in an earlier post entitled “What Is Your Reason To Seek Height Increase?” but there was no replies, and the post was rather short (pun intended) so I wanted to try again, to get some feedback from the readers again. How can I serve you better and help resolve your height issues and fears? What pains in your life related to size and stature do you feel? The key is to realize that I/you are not lying to myself/yourself, or trying to say somethat that may be politically correct but don’t really reflect what you really feel or think about inside.


“Why Do You Really Want To Grow Taller And Increase Your Height? What Is The Real Reason?”

So please, leave a message and comment to either the bottom of this post or to the website email naturalheightgrowth@gmail.com and tell the height increase researchers what have been your reasons, issues, and “WHY?” you have been so dedicated and focused in increasing your height.

3 thoughts on “Why Do You Really Want To Grow Taller And Increase Your Height? What Is The Real Reason?

  1. tim

    As i commented my size a few times, and you might also know that I should consider my size as “tall enough”, I have pretty short legs compared to my height. With six feet of height people usually think that I’m about 5’10-11, and when I’m standing almost 6’2 with lifts, they only think I’m 6’1 max. I was always envious to these long lean body composition guys who look so cool in suits and stuff.

  2. tim

    It’s nice to know about the commonalities:D (or is it) although as far as I know you’d increase your height pretty drastically if you could, like 6’6 or something


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