Review On Step Up Height Increaser Or StepUpHeightIncreaser From India

This post will be another review on a new website which I found and wanted to inform the readers. After looking at the traffic sources to the website I realized that after the USA, India is the #2 country of traffic resource to the website. The truth is that two of the most often visited posts on this website has been reviews, one for Gloxi Height Enhancer Drink at “Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Gloxi Height Enhancer“and the other is for GrowthMax Plus at “Product Review III, GrowthMax Plus” both of which have had more comments than other posts. I know that Gloxi Height Enhancer is a very popular height increase product that is sold and advertised quite extensively in the Philippines since all of the traffic which looks at this product are from the Philippines.

And from the country of India a new website that seems to be selling a height increase program or product is up. It says copyright 2012 at the bottom so I would guess that it has appeared in the last 5 – 6 months ever since this website has been up. It is well designed but from the looks of the website it reminds me of the AdSense sink page that only is a testing sales page for a product that doesn’t even exist Elevate GH, which I wrote about in this previous post “Review Of Elevate GF Height Increase Pill, The Other Internet Marketing Supplement“. The website url is at The sales price is either 2990 rupees or 110 USD, which I find outrageous for any herbal formula supplement.

It says at the bottom as some sort of either disclaimer or promotions like advertisment that it sells to all major cities and towns in India, so obviously this website and its creator and supplier or storage area is somewhere in India. This review’s main intention is not to actually review this product, because I don’t even think there is a real product to sell, but to be able to divert the search results of people in India who are looking for a real solution to their height increase desires from the product to this website. What I am absolutely positive about is that the Internet Marketers are getting smarter and better, and have made their websites better using the latest tricks. There is a very nicely designed website which is clean, easy on the eyes, with a phone # you can call, and easy to show simple, easy to follow directions in nice font.

What I am sure about is that either the person who created this website is just testing the conversion rate to see how high is the percentage of people who visit the website will actually go through with Step 1, Step 2, and the Final Step to show that they will actually enter in their credit card information, or they have already created another dozen height increase websites will a similar name permutation and format and used a syndicate or spider web interconnected back link method to push the website higher up Google.

Obviously there is no need to state for the regular readers of this website that this product will not work. Maybe there is a real product, and maybe there is not. I chose not to try to go through the 3 steps of entering all of my personal information to see if there is a real product they would even send to me through the mail. We can’t even get a picture of the bottle of container the formula for height increase is in, so I can’t put a picture up. It is totally possible that anyone who has thought about going into this niche to sell scam height increase pills and herbal formulas recently are already aware that this website will try to review, analyze, and destroy them on their lying deceptive nature to sell products which can never work.

Sometimes I just don’t understand whether the people who are trying this scamming stuff are either getting lazier or smarter, but the amount of real content on the websites are getting less and less and they are focusing more on good website design and careful information positioning, which I have read does absolutely increased sales conversions.

From the about page…

About Step-Up

Step up height increaser herbal body growth formula will help to increase your height up to 6 inch in just 3 to 6 months. Increasing Height Naturally and Easily! You Will See Amazing Results! New confidence in yourself and your height, and now with my new revolutionary step-by-step total growth system, it’s easy. The world just isn’t fair for “shorter” folk. Short People facing problems..

Step up height increaser will help you:-

  • Lost career opportunities
  • Height discrimination
  • Fed up with your current height
  • Height lack of confidence
  • Lost dates to taller people

Step up height growth formula prevents from various diseases and helps incomplete growth of body. It has been very successful with a very high success rate. It helps age relative body growth, especially to those who are not physically grown as per their age. With step up height increasing powder body growth you can securely and naturally grow taller and faster without the side effects. Use of this step up height increaser medicine is very useful to increase rapid regular development of complete body.

Step up height increasing product Increase your real height by up to 6 INCHES!

  • Increase Height & strength
  • Enhances Memory
  • Enhances Energy
  • Enhances focal point
  • Enhances strength
  • Increases Bone Mass and Density
  • Thickens Cartilage, Ligaments, and Tendons
  • Herbal Body Growth is an Amazing Formula
  • People of all ages, gender, and ethnicity are growing taller!

215 thoughts on “Review On Step Up Height Increaser Or StepUpHeightIncreaser From India

  1. Rafael A. Gonzalez

    I believe in the power of highly rated Growing Taller eBooks more than in these pills and so-called “formulas” that do nothing to influence height and leave users disgruntled and short on the money they used to purchase such pills.

      1. Abhishek

        Its not fake bro .I dont know how it worked .but within a month it gave me a increase of 2 inches in my height.I was 5 6″ now I am 5 8″ . Still now i have used it only for a month and this is the result may lord make me 6 at any how

    1. Dip

      It doesn’t work this product is useless west of money. I suggest all the people to not to use this product.

  2. manasa

    hai friends i have used stepup with so much hope but after using i came to know that it is fake not working..please dont buy this waste stepup.. one thing i dont know why this stepup people are giving unnecessary adds on tv cheating all the people ..police should take serious complaint on this..iam very angry on this stepup people

    1. Sushil Sharma

      Hii Manasa

      My name is Sushil Sharma from Ahmedabad and I want to buy this product for height increase.
      That product really not working to increase height? If really not working then I will never buy this product And the offered 100% money back so is it true or fake?

      Waiting for replay.
      Give me suggestion


    1. Neeraj Maurya

      hi ,jimmi i think this product 100% fake coz i have use that .before use my hieght 5.7′ and after use my hight same 5.7′. i used this product 1 year. so pls dont purchage any one stapup. totaly wasting your money..they are making fool us..


      1. gopi

        I want to buy this product for height increase. Am 25yrs old. You mentioned you are using it for one year, did you face any side effects ?

  3. Dhilen H Patel

    Pls give me reply fast. Sud we buy dis product ??? Anybody have experience of dis product. It is real or fake
    Pls reply dear

    1. Salman

      Hi all, I used Step Up height increase powder and honestly it worked. I warned the seller if the product wouldn’t effect, I will snatch my money back and police report would be made in case of not refunding my amount. My height was 5’10 and i was inspired by sidharth malhotra’s height. U have to take 1 tea spoon of it with normal milk in the morning after daily ablution and 1 tea spoon before going to bed at night finally. 100 jumps in the evening is a vital requirement and spicy sour eatables must be avoided. I gain 6 inches in 2 months. Im 6’4 now. Its worth buying.

        1. gopal halder

          Hi guys may Step Up ka full cours matlaab 3month ka online order kiya tha 2 din bad delivered hua main pura confidence that mera height barega main khata gaya khata gaya 1month 2month and 3month mera height jesa ka jesa tha MATLAB 5.4 ek cm bhi increased nahi hua main step up khata gaya iske sad excise bhi kiya but a kum nahi kiya 100% money back gurentee o bhi fake tha Jo main customer care main call kiya tha o log mera sadh aacha aacha bat bolker mujhe impress kar liye a un logoka taktik hai bohat tricks Janet hai batome pigla Delta hai a akdom faltu hai jin logone positive comment ki unlogo ne 100% jhut bola ho step up company ne bohat paise kharg karke TV,internet k through a sob show karke logoko impress karke logoko murga banata hai sab log nahi murga hota hardly 30% log murga ho ker a product kharita hai mera jesa a logo ad bohat chatpata hota logoko attract karta hai Jo 30% log kharidta India main 30% log MATLAB bohat MATLAB company ka bohat profit ho jata hai jab jab bohat log kharit leta hai tab a log ad dena band kar deta hai aur dusra koi name de kher sell karta in logoko mallum hai ki Jo ekber kharidega o dusriber nahi kharidenge is liya same product dusra koi name de ker market main chorta hai profit hua to aachi bat aur a log jante hai businesses main profit or loss hota hai a log bohat intelligent hai ek se barker ek please guyz murga mat bano aur ek bat a log bolta hai aj order kiya to discount milega India ka log discount ka mal use karna peasant karta is liye order kar deta hai 6 inch kabhi koi aadmi a sab kha k bar sakta to sab log bohat lambe ho jate ab aacha diet or excise, or good posture at least 9 hours sleep a sab karke height increase kar sakte hain agar aapko koi help/solution chaiya mujhe call kijiye 27th February se main free hu mera exam chal raha hai mera number hai 9674860797 main apko safe,natural and easy tarika bataungi jise aapki height aapka age ki hisab bar sakta hai mera number aabhi switch off hai 27february se on hoga mera exam khatam hoga so are you a smart,intelligent person then not use this

      1. Shubam

        Dude, thank You for your positive comments, cuz after reading so much of the other negative comments I was fully distressed but your comment really made me happy. I hope that you are 100% right.

      2. uttam

        Salman.can i buy it ? Pls inform me is it true or not? Hurry up pls.i am now 23 yrs
        From which site did u buy it?

      3. uttam

        Salman.can i buy it ? Pls inform me is it true or not? Hurry up pls.i am now 23 yrs
        From which site did u buy it?my no- 7890426235.pls text me only once.

      4. Sundar Machani

        Do this product work on every person or not
        So many persons told me that this will not work
        I want to buy this step up product can I buy this

      5. prashant

        hi salman i have just borrow stepup & before i used dr Ayurveda .that wasn’t work , so will step up can increase my height i m 5.4 and how should i use it plz plz give me a solution

      6. ajay

        hey frnd what is your age plz…. contact me my name ajay
        m very much disappointed abt my height 5’3 ply give me missed call i want to talk to u 7206472776

      7. dynish

        What is the colour of the plastic box of the step up. (( white or Green ??? ))
        Please reply here or better send a SMS to my number +91 9942263255.
        I am eagerly waiting for your reply

      8. Shubham

        Hey dude does this Step Up really work.. I’m 5’3″ and I want my height to be like 5’9 or 5’11 will it work… I’m 17 years old and really have a tight schedule because of studies I can’t give time for my body… please tell me from where I can buy this or text me to 7588137042.

      9. ashish

        Hi guys plz suggest me about step up ….
        This product will really benifit or not …??????
        Did u used this product…..????

  4. Milkha

    90% of the comments are negative about this product but why are there some say that it worked for them how come. can any one give a rational explanation to that

    waiting for your reply

    1. gopi

      i want to buy this product for height increase. did really wors for You? How long you used this product , how many inches you got?

      1. aryan jadhav

        hey runa…u r now below d puberty level so keep trying on ur height by doing daily cardio exrcizes …do nt tke dis fake shit,u will definately grow taller

        1. Niranjan Hiremath

          Guys this is really working my height was 5.5 and now in just 4 months my height is 5.8. And my age is 22 but still it worked guys. It’s really awesome.

          1. Rizwan

            Hii…Niranjan hirenmath…i want to buy a step up product…so plzzzz send me the trustful company number…from where u brought this product

          2. Avishek Karmakar

            What does it really work?
            Plz say truth i want to purchase
            Pls dont cheat me
            Okk broo
            I m waiting fr ur rply

  5. Cliff

    Hey guys, u should be aware of duplicate Step Up Height Increaser powders and Original Step Up Height Increaser. Some companies are trying to imitate others just to empty your wallet. Beware of them and stop making negative reviews.

  6. sana

    This product is of no use….i used it for 3 months… only I loose is my money….. can I get my money back??

    1. Sai Rochan 7659901323

      No shit they are not going to give ur money but they will offer you another product which is also a shit

  7. Sai Rochan 7659901323

    Its better to jump into a black hole than to buy this step friend used it and he is the living example of how can a man be fooled to become a goat.

  8. Sonia Sharma

    Hii guyz i have used this product it’s so very useful and effective its not fake its really working i like it.
    I suggest you should take complete course then it will working, half course not working properly…….


    1. Rakkesh

      hi sonia sharma i have read ur comments about step up u have said that v hve to use complete course means how many days to use it can u please explian me.

    2. Tousif raza

      Hi Sonia is it really works because I want to purchase it and let me know till what age it works please waiting for your reply on my mail please reply soon at please please please reply me once
      How to use it
      How to know the difference between original and duplicate step up

    3. Srikanth

      Hi Sonia, I’m looking to buy stepup, can u help me with the information, how many months have u used this product to increase your height.

  9. rakesh kr singh

    Hi all, I used Step Up height increase powder and honestly it worked. I warned the seller if the product wouldn’t effect, I will snatch my money back and police report would be made in case of not refunding my amount. My height was 5’10 and i was inspired by sidharth malhotra’s height. U have to take 1 tea spoon of it with normal milk in the morning after daily ablution and 1 tea spoon before going to bed at night finally. 100 jumps in the evening is a vital requirement and spicy sour eatables must be avoided. I gain 6 inches in 2 months. Im 6’4 now. Its worth buying.

    1. Sravanan

      Hi Rakesh KR Singh,

      My name is Saravanan. I really need to buy this product. I am 5.4″ inches of height. Can you call me please, Bcz i want to buy the correct product and gain resilts. Or can you please provide me your contact number. I will call you. Please reply to my email:

    2. Sundar Machani

      Can you please tell me how this product work
      I want to use this product my height is 5’3. Can this increase my height please sent me e mail my account is
      Please sent e mail as fast as possible

    3. Md Danish

      hey rakesh ..why did you wrote the same comment as that of salman .please beaware of them.Are you getting paid by step up for giving this same positive comments ………please reply

    4. Mouni

      Hi rakesh i m mounika my age is 19 nd my height is 4’9 how come step up helps me will it be useful to me?? Hope u ll respond quickly

  10. step up height

    They may still dream of dynamic personality full of self confidence. Our product STEP UP HEIGHT INCREASER will free them from their anxiety of getting a good height. It is 100% Ayurvedic Body Growth System with no side effects and completely herbal. It is a revolutionary step in medical science. Whatever may be the cause of small stature, STEP UP HEIGHT INCREASER will help you to grow taller. It provides all required nutrients needed for human growth. It increases bone mass and density, thereby giving strength to bones and muscles. It is useful to increase rapid and regular development of complete body.So, try STEP UP HEIGHT INCREASER as it has offered Amazing Results till now and be free from ignominy of short stature and enjoy dynamic personality.

    1. T.R.vinoth kumar

      hlo will you plz call me to say the orginal name of step up i want to increase my height my name is vinoth my age is19 nd my height is 5.2 only my contact no is 8148058416

  11. mohammed yaseen

    Hi frnds!!
    plz suggest me wheathr it is true or fake product????
    m willing to buy dis1..
    lyf sucks due to short hight 🙁

  12. Arun

    Hey guys I read all the reviews and the some positive reviews are as follows
    a 5’10 guy uses this and becomes 6’4(the guy is 5’10- like he needs to increase his height further). Some other guy either copied the same or the same guy posted it again in another name or………………………….After reading all the reviews I doubt its working…………….

    Does it really work? if it does please also mention how you bought it for the benefit of others like myself Please………

  13. kchandrashekar

    Hi frds
    step up is really work please suggest me my no is 7794098945.
    I want buy this product so please…. once call me frds

  14. Ankur Srk

    Why is there such a big issue guys.. Wo kehte hai na kisi ki mat suno, bas apne dil ki suno.. To bas Step up lekar dekho.. Waise bhi duniya umeed par kayam hai.. Agar step up se height bhad gyi to acchai hai.. Nahi bhadi to jaise him hai waise hi rahenge. Isme itna kya sochna yaar.. Haa maana ki height nahi bhadi to paisa kharaab hoga par atleast ye to rahega ki humne try kiya… Itna kisi ko lekar sochna nahi chahiye.. Bas try karo. Leave d rest to GOD

  15. Devil khan

    hey guys… don,t be fools,
    just read the content of the positive comments made by the two assholes salman and rakesh, the wordings in both of them are exactly the same.. Both are inspired by sidharth, both have same height and after using this shit both became 6.4′. These two comments are fake and an asshole is posting them just to fool people. so don,t take it seriously..

  16. Virendra

    I am 26.7 Year old with 5.7 Height .I want Increase at least 2 inches in my height.Please suggest me about this product.
    Thanks with Regards,

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  19. bili

    I ordered it online n august 2013 n recieved it on sept 3 2013(21 yrs) n used it till jan 2014….. I did stretching, skipping etc everyday while i was taking it..i even used yoko height increaser during my step up course.. I took it twice daily but at the end of course i didnt notice any change in my height… I was 5 ft 7 before taking n i was still 5ft 7… Its fake… Waste of money… Moreover its taste is so bad… I would suggest not to use it… It wont help u in increasing ur height… Cntct me if u wana talk bou my exprience 8131870445

  20. Raman

    It is a wonderful product i m using it for past 60 days and my height has increased by 4 inches i m happy with the results .. And u would suggest others who want to grow they can use this product

    1. kaja

      Hi Mr.Raman.. Please tell ur experience about step up.. 90% comments are negative.. And someone telling there two colours in that product… One is fake and anotger is real.. Which one is real.. Please send the picture of the plastic bottle of that product.. Please help people who are suffering from height by your truthful replay..

    2. saiganesh

      hi..raman really it useful. its working r not? and ur age? please tell me abt that product clearly. send msg. cnt 9704720518

    3. RAO

      Hi Raman , Its really working for you…..? , can you give your advise to me for using of this item for increase my Height, Right now I am in Age of 30 with 5.5 Inch Height. CAN YOU SEND YOUR NUMBER TO DISCUSS FURTHER.

  21. deepy singh

    deepy singh
    pyari sisters and my bro mene to abhi liya hai something 10-15 days ho gaye hai pr improvement to nahi hua hai abhi tk kuch bhi,,, dekhte hai pura course karke kya hota hai…… haan agar height grow ho gay to me jarur btaunga aap logo ko but agar ni badi na to step up walo ko mein kuch kar bhi to ni skta na yar kuch adress wagerah to b ni pata hai mujhe pr aap logo ko btaunga jarur iska result okkkkk…. aur haan yar mene ye product lete time ye to socha hi ni ki money back kaise hoga ab dimag khrab ho ra hai yaar sit…. chalo dekhte hai kya hota hai …… ok

    1. Vinay

      Hi Riya, yes step up work only with some proper way and eat style my cousin sister in rajasthan used it and she increase her height by 6inch in 2months at her age of 20yrs. call me for more 8888828503

  22. manan soni

    today I buy this product online and started so I will told u abt this after 40days whether it is fake or not

    1. shubham

      my what’s app no 8793027443 pls msg me on what’s app is it realy works or just fake pls friend I m really suffering from height problem

      1. ziya

        Hey…plz tell me is ur height increased after using this product…???
        And plzz share some pics of the bottle with us….and from where did u purchase this???
        Plzzz reply…
        Your reply will be valuable for us..thank you…

    2. saiganesh

      hi.manan my name is ganesh. im18yrs and 4.11 step is really work r not. please tell me about that product waiting for u r rply. please send me msg. my cotactm 9704720518

  23. Shruti Srivastava

    I have ordered this product bcz I want to increase my height please suggest me I am 17th years old n my hieght is only 4.9 plz suggest me something to do for my self should I purchase or not this product

  24. Ruksar

    Ya guyz mai jhoot nahi kehna chahti but step has really worked Maine difrence dekha hai and agar soch positive ho to zarur sahi hoga but agar mann mai confusions ho to I’m damm sure it won’t worl so phele mentally sure ho and positive thinking rakhyea to inshallah zarur hoga

    1. Mayank

      Bhaiyo r bhno ye toh ni pta step up kam kre ya nhi pr agr hight bdhani toh protein powder use kro ar morning aerobics join kro its realy work . Me 5,4 Tha ab 6,1 Hu.

  25. Anil kumar

    It is 100% Fake i used this product it didn’t worked and the posite comments given above also fake given by company dont beleive


    well guys ajj maine order kiya hai dekhte hain. weather its work are not for me iam 22 year old and iam going to gym also. but i wanted to increase my height and i know its impossbile. but Allah hai dkhete hain kya hota hai. post karta rahunga. for more info, contact me. 9738630739

  27. Munawar

    This Totally Fake I am using it from 5 years and i got only five feet (5 feet) increment in my height now my height is 10 feet. Its totally fake plz purchase it .

  28. Chesrangmotionless

    I’ve used step up height increaser for 3 and avoid all kinds of sour items and spicy foods but my heights remained same nothing’s better , don’t buy this medicine, i said ,it’s a fake faggot who research this medicine and playing around the people who are disappointed and depressed about their height ! Trust me i repeat don’t buy this medicine

  29. nisha

    Hey, guys…how’s this possible…..!!…..there are two comments leave by salman and rakesh kr Singh…and both of comments are looking same….just think about that.

  30. manan soni

    so frnds I am back now I want to tell u that it works well u can increase height upto 2 inches with this product plus u have to do some physical exercise for effective results like stretching before going to bed at night and many more u can jst contact I tell u whole process and correct guidelines. thank u

    1. Hari

      Hii soni, I’m 25yrs old now can I use this product for height grow becaz my height is 5inches. I should increase my height pls give me reply.I’m eagerly waiting for ur reply. Pls tell me the truth.
      Can u plz gve me ur mobile Num or email the context.

    2. Jenex

      is it true that i should go for this “Protuct” or Shall i not need to buy this..Because i want to know the truth,, if this “Protuct” is true than i want to go for it..& how it comes that there are 2 different types that we need to Coose which one is??.. there are 90% negative Comments.. So you can let me know through this Phone Number or whatsup “9612413437”

    3. yathindra nikhil

      Hey can u plz tell me that my love is 2 inches than me pls tell me the process my no is 9502514377 pls tell me pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  31. khan

    m 22 yrs old an my height is 5.6..I have already visited gym as well is it worth taking this product to increase my height plz suggest guys….

  32. rehman

    Pls say me its real or fake I want how to increase my hight I am 24 yrs my hight is 167 cm pls suggest whatts app on 8108418529 pls

  33. rajesh

    the step up product bilcul hi bakwas he isse kuch nehi hota e log ekdam garid ho gae tha to vik nehi nang paye is lie step up ka add dikha ke paisa vanda karne laga so all frind app asab vul jaie ap soch lijie k apne step up me jitne paisa khoe he o step up ma nehi khoe o to in logo ko vik me de die

  34. NAGESH

    hi friends please inform about height grow product this is realy work or not work so many peoples told this is fake

  35. mahendar

    haii why all u guys warrying about that product once you have to try that than you will get the advantages or dis advantages you have to order thet in amazon or google shoping all the best i am also using the product with hope

  36. nirmal

    Step up a totally fake product……guys its also not herbal…….pls avoid and don’t take……I’m one of you and suggesting you for your benefit…..

  37. saurabh singh somvanshi

    hi guys my hight 5.4 before using step up and after using my hight is 5.9 something so step up is working with some exercise. thanx

  38. saurabh singh somvanshi

    hi guys my hight 5.4 before using step up and after using my hight 5.9 something so step up working really with some exercise. my no 9129985944

  39. Masthan

    Hi……. Guys please tell me about step up Is it really work or not, I want to buy this product,give suggestion to my whats up 9191935349

  40. Masthan

    Hi……….Guys I want to buy Step up please tell me Is it really work or not,give reply to my whats up no.9491935349 immediately

  41. gracetin

    is there any side effect in future?
    plz let me know?
    n how’s the procedure…
    now days I heard of the his very less…
    wht happen to this product???.
    I really need this.:-(
    hope I’ll get reply soon

  42. yathindra nikhil

    I am 5’4 is this working or not……..I had seen that in some websites boys can increase height at till the age of 25 years but these pupil are telling that we can increase our height up to 35………..I have some doubts regarding thi product n reviews n I have some knowledge about our height also. Any one can contact me about this………… my no is 9502514377

  43. Sharat

    manan soni.. May I have your number please.. Will contact you to knw guidelines for using this product


    1. Afzal

      Hey everyone don’t buy this product I have one things to increase height without medicine
      U should be drink 2or 3 ltr milk every day and running 10 minutes
      U will get result in 1 months
      After result u can contact me on 7674008864

    2. riya

      Totally confused….. Lost all hope….I think it has no use…after deep thinking sorry to say it will make me fool if i try this…bloody liars

  44. ali

    hii guys can anyone suggests me abt dis product it working or not??? plss give me missed call at dis number 8554048194

  45. yesha pandya

    it is really a fake product even they are making us a fool by telling us that they will refund our money just after calling their regarding no. … but once u get the product they will leave u and give proper response .
    bcz jst think if we allow them to make us fool than and than they will, so plz stop them to make others fool.

  46. Nishad

    I recommending to use MORE GROWTH X GAINER …!! instead of STEP UP..!!! because if you check the reviews on that, then you find the mostly positive results…
    but make sure of having diet without sour items, udad dal, brinjal,and spicy food..
    and spend an hour at morning and evening for skipping and stretching exercises to get results more effectively…!!!!
    wishing good luck..!!

  47. amarsha

    Hi guys i am 26, i am 5.3 i want to increase to my height 5.7 ,
    is this product is worth or any other product you guys know means share it.
    thanks in advance.

  48. George frank

    Wow…it really worked….I m 17 years old n my height was 5.5 but suddenly after 60 days it increase to unbelievable 5.9. I m very happy of this product

  49. ankush sharma

    I have used height growth plus
    But that didn’t work
    So now i m thinking about this product
    So plz give me some suggestion
    Contact me 8894103388

  50. Raj Singh

    Step up is fake dont use it I jave bought it from where a employee have told me that it will work but its fake its price is rs2600 so guys don’t use this shit.

  51. jhag

    i am jhag
    my height is 5 feet age is 33, 65 kg
    i want to increase my height atleast upto 5.5.plz advice
    i am feeling ashamed to stand in front of a tall person, also i am not getting proposals due to less height. plz any have medicien plz

  52. Nandeesg

    Hi friends, Please please don’t trust on this dabba product it won’t help u out , this product is completely fake. I have been using this product from last 3 months but there is no difference in my height. They have fooled me.

  53. shakti

    Hi friends can you help me with that , because i have only 5.6 inch hight if have idea fro increase my hight then please suggest me

  54. venky

    i have seen lot of products but i m totally confuse can u tell me which product is better for to gain height pls send to my email pls sir

  55. parmesh

    Ye kamm karta hai bhaiyo ..
    Mera hight pahale 5.4′ tha our ab mera hight 5.7′
    Hai … agar mai apka help kar sakta hu to
    Call karo mera no. Hai …9098648676
    Agar mail kar sakte ho to mail kar do
    Is mail id pe

    Mai ye nahi kahata ki 5.7′ jyada hai par 5.4′ se to achaa hai
    Maine apna ak coarce khata kar liya ad naya coarce karne ja raha hu
    Bhagvan kare 5.7′ se 5.11 ho

  56. deepak

    realy fake this type products plz dont buy this product its wastege material plz dont buyed it………..

  57. Dr.Lelin Barik

    height increase means genetics problem. .don’t use this product. …Every day skipping in morning and evening. .dally 200+200 and eat LIME STONE every day. .of to 6 month. …than see your results….Or any questions asked me -9556113357

  58. fareed

    hai frnds .my name is fareed .I am 25 years old my height is 5.8 i want grow 6. 2 will you help me by using step up height increase r.I have already use this product .I am ordering this product in e bay just for 700 only.just tell me truth

  59. Jason

    Hello guys…I m 23 years old..i do chin up/pull up..hinging everydays..also i go to morning walk..taking milk,eggs etc..what i found is my height is increasing just in 2 months…so just give me suggestion should i take #STEP UP also get more progression???

  60. Sanketh

    Thank god!!i m 5’3 and after using it for 6 mnths i have increased to 2 inches..5’5 is not a good height but its better than being short..its working but guys u have to do physical exercise too..take 2 times a day and dont expect 5 to 6 increases mostly 2 inches..i got increased only to 2 inches..

    1. mohammed

      plz can u send me images of container and inside powder by taking pic on my email

  61. pawan yadav

    sir meri age 22 sall hai meri hight 5 f 5 inch hai mai kon sa product use karu ki meri hight me growth aa ske (step up ) kis chanal par ata hai mujhe bataye mera imail id dall di hai qunki step up you tube par bol raha thaa ki ye product sirf tv se hi order kiya jata hai


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