Your Growth Plate X-Rays Don’t Tell The Entire Story, Why Your Doctor Can Be Wrong And You Might Still Be Growing :)

This post is a repost of a very important point. I have stated this point before in a very old post which I can’t find right now but the point is that the actual maximum age for height increase the natural way is actually around 20 years old for men, and 18 years old for females, plus or minus 1 year.

Here is the facts which most doctors don’t tell you. It could be they don’t consider it, or they forgot in their own medical training. Doctors are known to make mistakes, and get things wrong.

When you are concerned about your height and growth rate, you might decide to go to your family doctor, the one you have been going to since you were a toddler, to ask for that X-ray. Now, if I remember correctly the cost for an X-ray is not that expensive, maybe $100-200 to get the pics developed. Then you wait and the doctor takes a look at your X-Rays and sometimes says that your growth plates are closed. You have stopped growing. You feel a little bit of disappointment that you are going to stay “short” for the rest of your life.

Well, they can be wrong, because the X-Rays some doctors decide to take is only for 1 or 2 specific areas. For most doctors they ask for an X-ray of the wrists and maybe the knee area. They are checking your limbs to look for the growth plates. However, I would guess most ordinary family doctors who specialized in internal medicine or pediatrics will not be as thorough as say an endocrinologist or orthopedic specialist. They forget that in terms of the human growth process, the vertebrate in the torso actually don’t stop growing for an additional 2 years. So after the growth plates in your limbs like arms and legs are done, there is still hope in the vertebrate bones.

This is a HUGE problem with kids who suffer from scoliosis since it has been shown in many cases that almost all the growth in torso height comes from the increase in size of the vertebrate bone, not the intervertebral disks. This means that if you put a kid in one of those braces, which causes them to be held in one place, any growth will only bend the kids back more and this creates an even worse spinal deformity.

This subject was brought up in this paper written in 1992, found HERE, entitled “Growth beyond skeletal maturity.” The abstract is below.

Serial measurements of standing and sitting height of children show that growth continues beyond the age of skeletal maturity when judged by the fusion of the epiphyses of the hand and wrist. Most of this increase occurs in the sitting height, largely reflecting spinal growth, and may account for the known progression potential of idiopathic scoliosis beyond the attainment of skeletal maturity.

here is another article that states the same thing, that you don’t stop growing until your vertebrate has stopped growing, which the Risser Method can not detect, entitled “The pathogenesis of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, A systematic review of the literature”.

Contrary to the findings of Risser and Ferguson, complete ossification of the iliac apophysis did not always correlate with the cessation of vertebral growth. Several authors reported progression of scoliotic curves after skeletal maturity, diagnosed by Risser’s method.”

and also on this website for scoliosis HERE by a very angry and concerned parent. He/She says…

“”My daughter’s orthopedic surgeon stated that it had been proven that kids whose curves progressed after reaching skeletal maturity were not done with their growth.

Here are a couple of research items showing that growth can continue beyond skeletal maturity when judged by both Risser and by fusion of the epiphyses of the hand and wrist. 

These are both based on older observations, so I wonder why many orthopedic surgeons don’t take this into account when determining the time to stop bracing? Is this just relying on odds, and it’s just unfortunate for those kids who don’t follow the average growth patterns? Shouldn’t they be relying on cessation of vertical growth also? 

Spinekids has numerous kids this has happened to. Perhaps the doctors could show their patients sideshift exercises during weaning of the brace to help minimize any further progression if they feel the kid can’t take bracing any more.””

Again, men will not stop growing because of their vertebrate growth plates until they are usually around 20, give or take a couple of years. For girls, that age range is around 18, plus and minus a couple of years. I know I didn’t stop increasing in height until I was around 20 or 21. So, maybe this is some good news for you kids out there who are still in their late teens and early 20s. You still got a chance so live a healthier lifestyle and get some exercise.

{Tyler-I just discovered the paper.  The paper is not as ground breaking as alluded to by it’s title but merely suggests that growth in the spine occurs 2 years after growth of the limbs ceases}

22 thoughts on “Your Growth Plate X-Rays Don’t Tell The Entire Story, Why Your Doctor Can Be Wrong And You Might Still Be Growing :)

  1. tim

    Living in the Netherlands for now 1 an and a half months defenetally made me taller I think 😀
    I’ll be dissapointed if I wont reach 6′ and a half at least when I go home next week for school break 😀

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  3. Mac

    I recently hurt my wrist and in the X-ray i saw that my growth plates are closed
    I am 18 and 5’7 …
    I want to grow more….
    What can I do???

    1. Farhaan

      Your full grown up your growth plates are fused closes I’m 17 years 1 month birthday is 01/23 every year I’m 5′ 10″, (177.80 cm) but 5′ 11″, (180.34 cm) in my shoes so I gl by the height in my shors but I have been 5 ft 10 since 204 back when I was 14years 11 months and my hands are small only 7″ inches long and my feet are 11″ inchespecially been the same for 2 to 3 years and I haven’t grown at all I’m obese early stage as I’m 221 pounds at 5 ft 10 my growth plates are 100% fused so they ate closes forever u set to am tying height products are bull shit as I’ve taken many height capsukes and height powder and had 0 height change results I hate being short 5 ft 10 sucks girls as taller then men and adults now fact

      My dad is 5′ 6″ 1/2, (168.91 cm) so I’m 3″ 1/2 inches taller then my dad

      My mom is 5′ 5″ 1/4, (165.73 cm) so I’m 4″ 3/4 taller then my mom

      And I havae 1 older brother he’s 5′ 8″ 1/4, (173.35 cm) so I’m 1″ 3/4 quarters taller then my brother

      I did not go through the x ray as it cots thousands of Canadain and US dollars Kas it’s not free and I’ve never broken or fractured any bones ever

      My family doctor is a liar he told me I will stop growing at age 20 or 21 and said I’m not full grown and can reach 6′ 0″, (182.88 cm) maximum for my final adult height

      But my doctor does not know of my growth plates are open or closed onpy .1% might be open and 99.9% I’m full grown as the are closed

      Don’t go on about height just live life as is height does not matter if you are a 5 ft tall man and below then you would stress 5 ft 5 and above for a man is ok not a.midget but shirt it’s good still

      I was 5′ 7″, (170.18 cm) at age 12 and 13 age 14 I was 5′ 8″, (172.72 cm) then hit 5 ft 10 at 14.11 have been 5 ft 10 for 3.5 to 4 years it’s now 2017

      Fuck height

      Wishes never come true

      God never reslings to prayers about height

      No such thing as genies or Jign bad or good it’s bull shit and no ghost can help you

  4. John

    This is a very encouraging article, thank you. I only wish there was a website like yours years ago…., I would be standing a little taller today.

  5. Mira

    Hi, I’m concerned about my son’s height. I am 5 ft 4 inches tall my husband is 5 ft 11. My son is 18 years old and is 5 ft 7 inches. He suddenly stopped growing at 16 and has remained the same height ever since. I have a few questions and would be greatful for any answers
    Is there a way I an find out through x-ray or lab test if he has any more growth left?
    He does not exercise very much as he has taken some tough courses in school and is studying most of the time can this affect his growth significantly? (he has mild aspergers syndrome and is a bit clumsy so hesitates to take part in games and has turned to books instead)
    He is also lactose intolerant since birth and is a vegetarian as he is allergic to several proteins, is it possible his growth may be compromised because of this?
    How to I find out if he is having absorption problems and if by chance the vitamins and minerals in the food food he is eating is simply not being absorbed, what kind of lab tests would be required for this?
    Also I was very stressed, not having a proper job and was on a very poor diet when I was pregnant with him, (he was born 2.75kgs and 19 inches tall) would this have affected his growth?

    1. aarti

      Listen mira ….m aarti here…i jst want to say that m 22 yrs old girl..i tried exrcis,yog,medicine.. evry thing but all was parents hv gud height m only 5
      …i played,run a lot during school times…bt my height grown only upto 5…i get worried…i was not at ol happy wid my height …every one takes me like a littl girl i also want to feel like every one treat me like littl cute girl…den it takes 2 years to my search ..nd i find dat all matters related to growth are treated by specilist called endocronologist…der i find ol my genuine answers ..he said to me to do x-ray of left wrist and also he say me to do hormones check up…my hormnes are norml but my x ray shows dat my growth plates lates are fused no one can increase my height in dos world ..except limb lenthing surgery ,and its very painful and absoulutly hell like procedure..i wil nvr go through dis procedure .so no option left 4 me..butt i still searching for posibl ways i dnt find any genuin way… i find my dr. True…nd beliv me its true
      ..i dnt knw wen will u read it ..i will jst se.
      . take fast action. go to endocronologist..may b in case of open plates u hav other option rep me…wen u read..

        1. Jennifer

          hello my grandson was told his growth plates are almost closed he is 15 and half. Have you had any luck on the stem cell therapy and what does it constitute of the treatment.

    2. NY Mom

      There may still be hope. Playing basketball every day for an hour per day increases height. Reaching for the hoop increases height over a period of time. It’s not a quick-fix, but over time is very effective. My 23 yr old son grew another 2 inches and went from 5′ 7″ to 5′ 9″ in just 8 months of every day backyard basketball (didn’t even need to leave home) and is still playing, hoping to gain another inch or two.

      Also, riding a stationary bike in the home for 20 minutes per day where you can adjust the pedals so you really have to stretch to reach them also helps a lot *in addition to* playing basketball. My son did both, faithfully every day, to gain that extra 2″ in addition to the below. He stretched his upper torso with the basketball AND lower legs with the stationary bike with the lowered hard-to-reach pedals.

      It can take a week or so to work up to the 20 minutes daily for the stationary bike and the 1 hour daily for the basketball and at least six months to notice a difference, so be patient. The new height is permanent.

      Also DO NOT eat or drink anything with caffeine in it, including chocolate and hot chocolate, as well as coffee and hot and cold ice tea. Avoid sugar. Eat & drink a lot of growth foods — google ‘foods with natural growth hormone’ & also always get 9 hrs consecutive sleep and go to sleep before 10:00 pm.

      Stress and anxiety prevents the release of growth hormone so avoid being stressed/anxious and also stay away from annoying people and people who are toxic. Alcohol and late night partying will also affect this growth program so stay home and get your rest. Plenty of time to party later. Hope that helps!

    3. Farhaan

      Hey in my opinion I think your son is full grown male teens do stop growing at age 15, 16 and 17 also 18 rarely I was 5′ 7″, (170.18 cm) at age 12 and 13 then age 14 5′ 8″, (172.72 cm) then at age 14 years 11 months in December of 2014 I hit 5′ 10″, (177.80 cm) my birthday is 01/23 every year I’m not 17 years 1mo h old and 99.9% full grown I also have a hick beard I maintain which I love but it’s not long just dark and thick it’s not what red necks have I’m mixed

      My mom is 5′ 5″ 1/4, (165.73 cm) so I’m 4″ 3/4 taller then my mom

      My dad is 5′ 6″ 1/2, (168.91 cm) so I’m 3″ 1/2 inches taller then my dad and he told me he was full grown at age 17 as his growth plates were closed

      I have 1 older brother he’s 18.7 years old and 5′ 8″ 1/4, (173.35 cm) so I’m 1″ 3/4 taller then him

      When your growth plates are fused (closed) means you are full grown forever

      I took many height capsules and height powder supplements and had 0 height change results I’m still 5 ft 10 and hate my height girls are taller now then men and adults fact

      Height is based on genetics and also my doctor told me add 10% Height gain for yourself from your alters height so for me dad’s heihht 168.91 cm + 10% = (185.80 cm) 6′ 1″.15 but it’s not true as I’m fully grown

      So for your son add 10% Height gain from your husbands height 5′ 11″, (180.34 cm) = (198.37 cm) which is 6′ 6″.098 but tee aversion can not grown by 1 ft 12 inches it is impossible

      Being a guy if overweight or obese doesn’t not stunt growth as fatter people are usually taller then fit people

      It a guy is 5 ft tall and below then they would stress of they are 5 ft 5 which is not a midget ithe is fine live life as is

      Height does not matter

      I seen a you use video of a young black 16 or 17 yet old grade 11 student only 5′ 2″, (157.48 cm) able to dunk on the 8 ft, 9 ft and 10 ft basketball nets amd I’ve seen 6 ft 5 a 6 ft 6 and a 6 ft 9 black guys trying to dunk they fall or give up

      In China a women Yao Defen was 7′ 8″ 1/4, (234.32 cm) she passed away at age 40 from a lung disease or lung tumor

      Worlds tallest man from 1800s in history was Robert Wadlow he was 8′ 11″ 1/4, (272.42 cm) he passed away from a leg disease at age 22 he was born with a disease call hypermmesia causes he growth rate to increase drastically

      Worlds tallest man today from Ukrain 2017 nw is 8′ 4″, (254.00 cm)

      My growth plates are 99.9% closed and only .1% open my family doctor does not know for sure as he did not check my bones or growth plates as it costs thousands of Canadian and US dollars to check growth plates and he thinks I will be 6′ 0″, (182.88 cm) maximum staying overweight at 221 pounds for my final adult height but he said if I was shot around 175 to 180 pounds maybe 185 pounds he said I can reach 6′ 1″, (185.42 cm) 6′ 2″, (187.96 cm) and 6′ 3″, (190.50 cm) maximum as it is likely

  6. sana

    I’m a girl 16 years old and a thalasemia patient and my doctor said I wont be growing any more is there a way I can grow? ?

    1. Farhaan

      Hey like all doctorso say and my family doctor told me girls can keep growing but on average girls stop growing at age 13, 14, 15 to 16 but rarely some girls stop growing at age 17, 18, 19 and 20 maximum

      For men or male teens we stop growing at age 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 to 25 maximum

      But now girls are as tall as men or male teens or taller then men and adults fact

      Worlds tallest women search on her was 4p year old Yao Defen lives in China she was 7′ 8″ 1/4, (234.32 cm) she passes away from a lunguy disease or lung tumor at age 40 very young still

      I think you can still keep growing my opinion

      Just maintain your skeep so as a teenager we need 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day and drink milk tor strengthen your bones


      Also eat a ot of fruit and vegetables

      I’m a 17 year old guy mixed and 5 ft 10 been this height since age 14.11 years old back in 2014 still 5 ft 10 been this height for 3.5 to 4 long years my family doctor told me I’m not full grown and can reach 6′ 0″, (182.88 cm) for my final adult height and will stop growing at age 20 or 21

      But I amust 99.9% full grown most propel say it’s based on tanner stage I’m very hairy to the extreme my body is of an adult and I also have a dark and thick beard I maintain I’m at tanner stage 4 or 5 and .1% I’m not full grown

      To check your growth plates by your doctor or another doctor it is not free it costs thousands of Canadian and US dollars and my family doctor does not know for sure as he did not check my growth playes out throught x ray and I never broke or fractured any of my bones ever so I’m very healthy

      You IL get taller you might gain 1″, 1″ 1/2 to 2″ more inches my opinion cheers

  7. eric

    I am 15 year old boy and I am short for my age my hieft is 163 in cm and I have no hair on my arms or legs I am growing roughly 8cm a year and still have the same voice from my younger years my dad is 173 and my mom is 163 and I have taken growth hormone shots and I am wondering when I would stop growing?

    1. omkar

      Bro don’t worry about your growth you will grow taller 2to4 inches taller trust me I m boy and I m 14 years old my height is 163

  8. anvith

    hey! i am a boy and ia m 20 years old. the good news is my growth plates are not fused yet. i am about 5ft 2 inches. how many inches do you think i can grow? i hope i can get another 3-4 inches taller

  9. Narges sister is 14.5 years old and she’s 152cm height and 52 weight and with xray doctor told her growth plates are can she be taller?how long?her father is 168cm and her mother is 168 cm too.
    please help us for growing and being taller.
    she was perioud whwn she 12


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