How Can I Increase My Height And Grow Taller After My Epiphyseal Growth Plates Close And Ossify?

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How can I increase my height and grow taller after my epiphyseal growth plates close and ossify?

This is often one of the most common questions people who desire to be taller ask themselves, their doctors, and their endocrinologists when they realize that their natural growing period have passed on.

When they were younger and still had the potential to grow, they thought that they would eventually be able to catch up in height to their friends and peers. They wanted the growth spurts to magically in a short time push them higher and higher until their eye-level was above their friends.’ However for them, that never happened. One day they stood by that bathroom or bedroom door scale and their mother checked their height increase over the last 6 months. The result, they didn’t grow!

For many people who are on the shorter side, they might carry around in the back of their mind a sense of insecurity over their height.

They are probably thinking something like…

“I wish I was taller” … and “I want to be taller”

If they found a magic lamp with a genie inside, they probably would wish to be taller for one of the three wishes granted. So what can these people do to fulfill this desire? To be honest, there are very few options and choices for the person who really are intent on carrying out any idea to gain that dream height. However there are some options for the person to consider.

The most common sense advice would be to do some stretching, yoga, and maybe also swimming. The force of gravity is acting on our bones and joints and compress them downwards so it would make sense that the body is really being crushed, but only by the air molecules around the body at around 1 atm or 760 mmHg. In my experience in doing research on the topic on height increase after growth plate closure, I have found that there is a chance of getting some extra height from stretching, sleeping flat, and improving posture as well as doing exercises which don’t load on the body in a downward vertical direction. Most stories involve people who have had bad posture and slouched vertebrate so when they changed their lifestyle, their body posture changed causing a height increase. However ,that type of growth plate is what I call “recovery of hidden height”. The hidden height means that the increase in height was always there. It is just that the person chose to not live the type of lifestyle where their height is optimized. The way the bones in the human body are attached together means that there is a state of bone alignment which leads to the tallest height.

However, that is not the type of height increase most people would want. When people say they wish to be taller, they want a large change something like 4-6 inches. For most people, that is both non-practical and impossible.

One approach is to go the surgery way. When people decide to go the path of surgery to grow taller, what they are doing is lengthening their legs. This surgery is termed distraction osteogenesis, or callus distraction. There is a distraction made on the external bone layer and the bones are slowly pulled further apart each day at slightly less than 1 mm until the increased length is achieve. Currently today there is 3 main types of limb lenghtening surgery. 1 type is the original way which is called the Ilizarov method, where you have a set of metal rings held around the leg while metal spokes of wires are drilled into the leg bone and pulled taut wrapped on the metal rings. This is the way using the circular external fixator method. the 2nd type involve a internal method where a metal long, nail shaped apparatus is placed inside the intermedullary cavity of the the long bone being lengthened.there is still a distaction, but also another hole is drilled to insert this nail. From the way this nail shaped apparatus is designed, it will extend at a fixed lengthening distance each day and the bone will lengthen with it. The 3rd and last general method involves a external device that is inserted into the segments which were distracted apart from each other. The device is slowly widened each day so the bone is also widened. So that is a very quick summary on the three main types of methods you can grow taller using the surgery method.

Besides the surgery method, there has not been found any other technique that will consistently lengthen the bones and make taller the subject. There are many ideas and theories created on how to grow taller. The science says that some futurisitc technology like gene therapy, stem cell research, tissue engineering, nano-technology, steroid stacking, genetic engineering, radiation, and ultrasonic waves can be used at some level to possibly make the bones longer. However, none of these technologies have been completely researched and built to any form of completion and any progress made is minimal.

Beyond the science based ways of growing taller, you have the other ways based on mysticism and pseudoscience. Claims of Acupuncture, acupressure, qigong, yoga, magnet therapy, water therapy, visualizations, hypnosis have all be claimed to increase height. The stories about people who did achieve the improbable are few and their routines were not recorded in deatailed for others after them to follow. With all these ideas and so few of them having consistent results, it may feel like we may never find a way to increase our height easily and non-invasively. And maybe that is the reality.

However if you are really, and I mean REALLY, truly intend on trying to find a method or way to grow taller after you stopped growing, here is the one suggestion that I want to make to you. Follow this website, Natural Height Growth. (at It is my own website, created by me in the Summer of 2012. I have have been slowly over time working on the website and continuously trying to make it better and better. I have been slowly putting together this website which includes every other single resource on the internet dealing with the subject of “height” and “height increase” and methodically categorized them, and organized them. There is a forum/message board, a podcast series, a section on all the proposed theories and techniques, a collection of all the books available on the subject, as well as online stores, a guide on scams and internet marketing, and so much more.

I am not kidding and being very serious when I say that I will put real effort in finding a solution. I want you to join me and follow my progress as I go through the months and years to come to see how far we can go in this endeavor. I know there will be a lot of mistakes and dead ends we will reach and make. That is something we can’t avoid because this project is hard, very hard with clear directions on which should be the next step. So far no medical professional has found a real way to noninvasively increase a person’s height after puberty. I have no illusions of grandeaur but can only admit that I am going to combine the elements of hard work, discipline, and persistence to keep on doing the research and keep on gathering any new useful information or resource available.


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