Finger pulling seems promising

So I’ve been doing finger pulling for a few weeks.  I’ve gotten a small but significant amount of results.   I’ve been doing it only on the right pinky finger.  I don’t expect you to be able to see the results but I can much more easily compare my finger length than I could do in photos.  And I’d still need x-rays before people would be convinced.  But now that I see results I am going to do more finger pulling(while still doing LSJL) to see if I can keep getting more results or if I “plateau”.

If this works then doing the arms will be easy you just pull the joints away from each other by grabbing onto your hand.  Doing spine and legs will be harder as someone would have to hold your head and pull your head and someone will have to hold your legs and pull them.

Now why would this work and not something like the rack or holding dumbells to stretch your arms?  First, your muscles are resisting the weight.  Second, one part of the joint can be stretched while the other is compressed.

This is why it’ll be hard to do it any way other than manually as you have to make sure that the joint is uniformly stretched.

So since I am starting to notice some results I’m going to increase the duration of 15 minutes to as often as possible probably 30min-1 hr while still doing LSJL.  Then we’ll see if I get more obvious results.



10 thoughts on “Finger pulling seems promising

  1. Gan

    Since LG stopped making the Ghenerate spray, what could be the replacement as a puerarin spray? LG moved on to making Ghenerate in tablet form now and as xcrunner explained with the brain blood barrier, you absorb much less. I cannot find any puerarin spray on the internet and as you may now xcrunner used the Ghenerate spray almost as a template for his routines.

      1. Jc

        I read it long time ago and forgot where was it. I could be mistaken for it being soviet school of height as name though.

        1. Tyler Post author

          Well I can’t analyze it if I can’t see the method. But in contrast to most stretching methods this is not about attempting to stretch the bone which is extremely difficult. It’s about creating joint separation by pulling the bones apart. I’d have to see the method to see if this actually created maximal joint separation.

  2. Jaman

    Hi Tyler, I sent an email regarding how I managed to increase height using an inclined bed, glucosamine hcl and rolfing. I think the best way to stretch the spine is during sleep. Please respond a lot of people can benefit.

    1. Tyler Post author

      This creates some joint separation but not as much as physically pulling in a way to optimize joint separation and no part is compressed. But I’ll have to keep doing the finger pulling to see if it actually induces longitudinal bone growth. Ideally you want to physically hold your joints open by pulling on the head and the hips. Take a slinky. If you dangle it you get a little bit of stretch but you have to manually pull it to achieve the maximal length.

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