New GTPS System or Grow Taller Pyramid Secrets Review

New GTPS System or Grow Taller Pyramid Secrets Review

On Jan 28 we received a message by someone who asked us the question “When are you going to publish your article about GTPS?” – It was by a person who calls themselves calisthenics – There was also another person named Sergi who said the same thing. We are guessing that the two people who sent almost the exact same message is probably the same person. The truth is that we have already in the past reviewed the Grow Taller Guru (Review Here) (aka Lance Ward) and the new system he created called the Grow Taller Pyramid Secrets (The 1st Review is Here). What we sort of figured out about this one person who calls himself the GTG aka the Grow Taller Guru is that the main way he has been marketing and advertising himself is through YouTube, which has become a very good platform to create a unique brand and profile. (You can find his profile link here –

His recent series of video posts have been the new program called Grow Taller Pyramid Secrets. It is also  called the VLog or Video Blog or Video Proof Series. He uses the Slogan “GTG (aka Grow Taller Guru) of the UK to the NYC

Here is the listing of measurements he had done to his students over a 8 week course of exercising, stretching, and diet/nutritional coaching.

Week 1 of Harry & James

Grow Taller Pyramid Secrets 1Time of Reading – Roughly half past five pm (5:00 PM). First Reading during the daytime – 12:00 Noon

  • Harry – Shaggy hair, thin, Caucasian. Took off shoes and stood relaxed in front of the stadiometer. Is wearing black & yellow socks. First Reading – Almost exactly 68 inches (5′ 8”) or around 172.6 cms tall.
  • James – Short clean cut hair w/ Glasses, slightly taller, very pale, thin. Also in socks. Measured reading – Exactly 182 cm in height

Week 11 Measurements

Local Time- 4:49 UK Time

  • Harry Measured Height – 174 -174.1 cm – Posture is slightly more rigid, with hands out to the side
  • James Measurement – 183.9 cm – Posture is much more upright this time, puffed up chest

Week 20 Measurements

Time – 12:40 on Sept 8th, (assuming year is 2013) – (also assuming local UK time)

  • Harry Measured Height – 174.6 cm
  • James Measured Height – 185.4-185.5 – posture is more relaxed with chest not puffed out as much.

Week 30 Measurements

Time – Sunday 12:42 on Nov 17th, 2013

  • Harry Measured Height – 175. 8 cm
  • James Measured Height – 185.6 cm

Week 40 Measurement

Grow Taller Pyramid Secrets 2Time is 12:15 for Saturday, 25th of January

  • Harry Measured height – 178.4-178.5 cm
  • James Measured Height – 185.4-185.5 cm

Other things to mention about the videos that were sent.

The guy is selling Ayurvedic Urea which is supposed to be $550/bottle for free. He is giving away a free height chart. In the background is a picture of Sultan Kosen who was at the time still around 8′ 1″.

Our Analysis On The Height Increase Measured

We had previously tried to explain why one of his clients managed to increase his height by upwards of around 3 cm over a 1 year time span. (Read that review Here). The client was named Michael from Singapore. He originally measured at 8 AM at 161.6 cm on Day 1 to 164.3 & 164.4 on Days 260 and Day 300 respectively. In that past post we had only speculated that the height gain from Lance Ward’s exercise program was real, but only for a certain specific range of person. We had guessed that due to Michael’s previous lifestyle of poor eating habits and lack of exercise, his posture was slouching. Once Michael learned to improve his behavior, his posture improved. His overall increase in 3 cm over a 1 year time is completely reasonable, which could be completely explained from vertebral decompression.

There was a guy on YouTube last year called TightSkinFlash who also through daily stretches gained about 4 cms in height. We did a review on him on the post Reviewing A Height Increase Success Story By SkinTightFlash From Youtube, A Lance Ward Supporter

However that reasoning can’t be used for the cases here, because of Harry.

Where James, who is the taller of the students increased by 3.5 cms, Harry, the shorter of the two, really increased his height beyond would should be possible. I think that the primary focus on our analysis should be on Harry, who grew past the range of what could be considered just stretching and disc or spinal decompression.

Grow Taller Pyramid Secrets 3If we analyzed the videos of Harry of when the videos were started and around the end at 40 weeks, if we looked really closely, we should see that there has been a definite increase in height and change. If we took the height of Lance as the standard, assuming that he did not change in height, (also assuming that his footwear did not change in thickness) then we can see that the top of Harry’s head has increased relative to the position of Lance’s head.

Notice how in the first pictures, which we clipped from the 1st video (for Day #1) the top of Harry’s head is around the level of Lance’s mouth/lips level. By the end of the video series, the top of his head has reached the position of Lance’s Nose position. Of course all of the pictures we clipped is from the video series from the GTG Youtube Channel. The pictures are indeed grainy and the angles have changed, but I have personally tried my best to get the two pictures of the two measurements and positions to be as similar as possible. Harry has definitely increased in height from one picture to the other, at least by our judgement.

Grow Taller Pyramid Secrets ReviewWe can only propose some ideas which can never be validated or discredited, at least without real contact with Lance himself.

Here is a list of our explanations.

The most scientific reason is from jut looking at the body shape of Harry. Notice how skinny both of the students are compared to Lance.

Something that is not well known except among people who study bone growth and auxology is that adolescents and kids who still have growth plates grow vertically first, than followed by horizontally. The long bones in a person’s body first gets longer. Once the growth plates disappear, the bones then get thicker, due to periosteal bone cell growth.

If anyone would look at the relative wrist size of say their father, compared to his son, they would notice that almost always the wrist of the father, who might be shorter than his son, is thicker.

Bones get thicker and wider due to bone growth in the radial direction, as opposed to he axial direction when the hyaline cartilage was still separation the primary ossification center and the secondary ossification center. Once a male reaches full bone maturity, they actually start to grow wider, which is what NBA scouts would describe as to very long & skinny NBA prospects body to “fill out”. The difference between a male body in high school and adulthood is very different, even though they might be the same height.

The adult male body increases in muscle density and content. In fact, the muscle density on a male is highest when he is around the 25-35 year range.

From understanding the linear mechanics on how the growth progression of bones go, we can say that due to how skinny the male students are, they have not ‘filled out” yet, suggesting that they have not reached the end of their bone maturity.

Remember also the fact that there is more than just growth plates in the long bones. The irregular vertebrate bones also have a few layers of hyaline cartilage. While the legs and arms may not be getting longer & contributing to the overall height, we should not forget that the torso makes a major contribution to. If we assume that even 5 of the 33 vertebrate bones have a slight layer of cartilage left, they would lead to some extra height.

Based on our previous research to see how do growth plates actually disappear, we’ve found that the growth plates don’t ossify at the same time. While the hyaline cartilage in the distal tibia fuses the earliest, around 16-18, the cartilage in the vertebrate bones might not fuse until 20-22.

That is what I propose are the list of explanations for Harry’s height increase.

This is all of course assuming that the students are not wearing any type of height increasing socks (we did a report on these unique products which give you a full 1 inch of extra height here), have not reduced the stadiometer, or done any other type of trick as a setup beforehand.

As a person who used to perform sleight of hand tricks and practiced to be an illusionist for a few years, who understands how to trick (and/or misdirect) people through stage setups, preparations, and even using shills, I understand the need to be very sceptical and suspicious of people who make very extreme and extravagant claims. I am willing to believe that Lance might have helped these two British lads increase their height, but would their bodies have gone through the same amount of growth, without his help? That would of course require something very experimental unbiased.

I am not sure where we would be able to do some type of double-blind non-biased test using identical twins for real testing. At this point, the only thing we can do is to take his word on faith while be slightly reserved at the same time.

2 thoughts on “New GTPS System or Grow Taller Pyramid Secrets Review

  1. Jason

    The volunteers were not 18. Rob at Celebheights did some research and found they were younger, with James being aged 16.
    Lance is a fraud. Telling people his volunteers are 18 when they are younger and still naturally growing.

  2. sherwan

    What do u mean by hair on legs I have alot of hair on my legs since im child im 16 im 5″10 im still growing u dont know anything aboit grow taller hair has nothing to do with growing taller and I know grow taller guru and I like them because they do know how make people grow taller not just say u can’t grow taller Michel Jordan is someone who grew after 18 so u can still growing growth plate has nothing do with growing taller no body know about human growth u can attract more height by believeing thanks for ur article u can do it


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